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Yesterday, all LSS student staff and Labbies were treated by our wonderful staff to Labbie Appreciation Day. Today, we want to take some time to appreciate the people who make LSS amazing - the staff!

Our final question to the labbies was:

If you could give a shout-out to one LSS staff member, who would it be and why?

Here’s what they said:

- “Ken for transitioning to the AV Pool so well, and Theresa for being awesome and making Ken’s job easy.” -Christoph

- “Mary! Love our chats!” -Simone

- “Shout out to Brad for being such a champ with sorting out all the re-imaging problems.” -Karl

- “Mary! Thanks for your patience and all your help! You are always so friendly and I enjoy our stories we share!” -Alison

- “Lane & Theresa, shoutout to making the AV Pool baller these past couple of years. Lisa, shoutout to making a strong schedule. Double shoutout to working with all of the days off requested by labbies.” -Molly

- “Mary. She is so positive and friendly! I feel like I could talk to her about anything. She’s so sweet!” -Jessica

- “Ken- You’ve put a lot of hard work into getting to know us individually and getting to know the AV Pool :)” -Shannon

- “Mary! It is always a joy working and talking to you. Thank you for always asking about my day and for the dried mangoes you brought me.” -Justin

- “Lane for helping me learn so much about graphic design/poster making! Thanks a lot!” -Caitlin

- “Mary! You’re the coolest. I love working with you -you are very interested in my life! Thanks so much!!” -Jane

- “Theresa - Thanks for teaching me the AVP ropes! It was easy to learn my job with your help.” -Nick

- “Mary for her sense of humor! Also, love talking about yoga with her!” -Kate

Thanks to all our LSS staff! We love our job because of all of you!

Yumm! We ❤️ labbie appreciation day! #LSSlife

It’s Labbie Appreciation Day here at LSS! We are so grateful to have such wonderful student labbies that make LSS run smoothly. Labbies, remember to stop into LSS today, even if you aren’t working, for treats from the LSS staff.

In honor of Labbie Appreciation Day, we also asked our labbies:

What is your favorite part about working at LSS?

Here’s what they had to say:

-“Being a new employee here, I love how how friendly and how willing to help everyone is here.” -Alison

-”The flexibility” -Karl

-”Builds great experience with customer service. Relaxed work environment as well” -Christoph

-”Working with other students from all different majors, backgrounds & parts of the world” -Molly

-”The professional, organized, friendly environment.” -Jessica

-”It is a relaxed environment. Work is not stressful.” - Justin

-”Its relaxed and works well with my school schedule” -Jane

-”Learning to be more tech savvy and being able to communicate with professors” -Shannon

-”Everyone is really nice!” -Simone Fischer

-”All the great labbies and staff :)” -Caitlin

-”Getting to work right on campus, very convenient for class schedules” -Kate

-”Interacting with AV Pool patrons” -Nick Klauda

-“I love working and interacting with such a diverse group of people. It’s really awesome getting to know people from all over the world and learning about their cultures” -Katie

-“LSS is great because as an intern I am getting future career experience, but on top of that, everyone is so friendly and nice and it is great working on campus” -Maddy

Let the screening begin! #LSSlife

It’s #techtuesday, and here at LSS we love finding new ways to integrate technology into the classroom. So we asked our labbies,

what is one piece of technology you can’t live without?

Here’s what they said:

-”Cell phone because it is a way that I can keep in touch with my family and friends (especially the ones that don’t go to Madison)” -Alison

-”Macbook Power Adapter because otherwise the computer would die :)” -Karl

-”Phone, it has everything” -Christoph

-”None! Although I work with technology every day, I would love to go back to a time where it did not exist. #snailmail” -Molly

-”Cell phones, I really like to communicate with people.” -Jessica

-”My laptop because school would be so much harder without it” -Justin

-”My phone, gotta stay connected” -Jane

-”My computer- it’s got a lifetimes worth of knowledge and I also stay connected with others through social media and iMessage” -Shannon

-”My phone, since I’d be lost without the Google Maps app.” -Simone

-”Computer - they have so many awesome capabilities” -Caitlin

-”GPS on iPhone, bad sense of direction” -Kate

-”My phone. I love having portable access to the Internet” -Nick


We asked the labbies:

What’s your favorite station to work at and why?

Here’s what they said:

- “AV Pool, because its the only place I work, and its awesome” -Christoph

- “Learning Lab, because I think it’s cool that people can check out movies from all over the world :)” -Karl

- “The InfoLab. You get to do more stuff and it’s a really nice study environment.” -Jessica

- “Learning Lab. It’s quiet and also I get to work with patrons from all different backgrounds. I love getting recommendations on what Spanish videos to watch :)” -Alison

- “The AV Pool, because you get to meet some really awesome TA’s and professors.” -Molly

- “InfoLab, because I can interact with people often.” -Justin

- “Learning Lab, because of Mary. She’s the best.” -Jane

- “Front desk, because I get to hangout with Mary, Chloe and Andrea!” -Kate

- “Infolab, because I love the WINDOWS! Also AV Pool because you’re with another labbie :)” -Caitlin

- “AV Pool. It’s laid back and never too busy. Also, it’s nice to work with another labbie.” -Nick

- “The Learning Lab, since I like seeing the large variety of movies that we have and getting to opportunity to check some out.” -Simone

It’s #moviemonday of #LSSlife week! Instead of choosing just one movie to feature this week, we’re showing off a bunch of our newest DVDs! Treat yourself to a study break and check one out today!

Next week is #LSSlife! Share your experience. We can’t wait!

Are you ready? #LSSlife #fourmoredays

Excited for the new Godzilla movie? Check out the classic original version from the Learning Lab at 259 Van Hise! #moviemonday